Visionary and grandiose study project wins the Icopal Prize 2017


Visionary and grandiose study project wins the Icopal Prize 2017

The winner of the Icopal Prize 2017, Niklas Lindelöw, flanked by Icopal Denmark CEO, Flemming Adolfsen (left), and the rectors from the schools of architecture in Copenhagen and Aarhus, Lene Dammand Lund and Torben Nielsen.

New fascinating possibilities arises when an old airport in Stockholm, Sweden, closes down one day. This opportunity inspired Niklas Lindelöw from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts Schools of Architecture, Design and Construction to making the study project, for which he has just been awarded the Icopal Prize 2017.
The award ceremony took place on November 2 in Copenhagen.

Showing new ways forward

There are several reasons why architect MAA Niklas Lindelöw, who graduated from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts this summer, is happy and proud to receive the Icopal Prize 2017. 

”It is a good feeling to know that my project is recognised in a larger context, which is beyond the education. I am also very pleased that the committee of judges awards a prize to a project with an open and searching approach, where all problems not necessarily have already been solved. A project which, hopefully, will inspire to wider discussions about which types of public places we want in our cities, and how we will use former industrial areas and incorporate them in a city.” 

High standards

Torben Nielsen, rector of the Aarhus School of Architecture, finds that the Icopal Prize is a good opportunity for the candidates of the schools to test themselves against their colleagues. The prize is also an acclaim of the schools and the professional level of the candidates, he says, and underlines the good co-operation with Icopal and the Schools of Architecture in Copenhagen.

Lene Dammand Lund, rector of the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Schools of Architecture, Design and Conservation, in Copenhagen, also appreciates the co-operation and adds that they are very happy to accommodate and support Icopal’s event. The Icopal Prize is a forward-looking award setting high standards, believing that the newly graduated architects can meet the high standards and thus showing us new ways for the architecture. In her opinion, it is important and interesting to have an architecture competition, where the focus is on the roof and the shape of the roof. At first, the stipulated focus may seem like a trip up for the candidates, but the mandatory focus constitutes a direction from which new ideas, creativity and innovation can arise and unfold. 

Unanimous decision of the committee of judges

A unanimous committee of judges is behind the decision to point out Niklas Lindelöw’s project “Att bebo Bromma Flygfält” (to inhabit Bromma airfield) as winner of the Icopal Prize 2017.

“The idea of the project is grandiose and visionary, but at the same time, specific, spatial and precise” …. “It is consistent and thorough in all the facets and in addition particularly beautifully executed” is the wording of the recommendation. The committee of judges also states, “The project is a study on a very high level, the roof is dealt with in an unconventional way, which challenges the contemporary architecture and the creation of spatial qualities of settlement and urban development.”

The two rectors also state that the winning project reflects the general tendencies about (global) community engaging and sustainable architecture.

Inspiration from Japan

Together with the Icopal Prize comes a travelling scholarship of DKK 50,000. As Niklas finds inspiration in the Japanese architecture, he will spend the scholarship on a trip to Japan for further inspiration.

Niklas adds that, in all likelihood the Icopal Prize will influence his professional career in the way that it is an advantage to be able to add the result to the CV. The Icopal Prize is known and recognised in the profession – and is a kind of “stamp of approval”.

Facts about the Icopal Prize

In 1986, Icopal established The Icopal Prize in co-operation with The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts and the Aarhus School of Architecture. The prize is awarded biannually to a particularly talented architect student and today it is the most prestigious prize for this in Denmark. The purpose of the Icopal Prize is to increase young architects’ understanding of the importance of the roof to a building’s architectural expression and spatial design.

Read all about the Icopal Prize 2017 here (in Danish)

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