Icopal is honoured for its participation in the Building Project of the Year 2017


Icopal is honoured for its participation in the Building Project of the Year 2017

Project Manager Mads Peter Staun (to the left) from Icopal here receives the mark of honour.

LEGO® House wins the Building Project of the Year 2017, which is an honorary award accentuating buildings for their qualities and social significance. In the category ”Open”, Icopal receives a mark of honour for the participation in the building of the LEGO® House in Billund.

Recently, the winner of the Building Project of the Year 2017 was celebrated at a magnificent award ceremony. Prior to the award ceremony, a committee of judges representing the most important players of the industry had evaluated the participating projects. The committee takes aspects like the architecture of the building, the choice of material, unique solutions, the building process and fine craftsmanship into consideration in the final evaluation.

In the category ”Open”, LEGO® House in Billund grabbed the victory. In connection with the award ceremony, the different participants of the building project is honoured for their good work. Project manager Mads Peter Staun represented Icopal Denmark and received the mark of honour on behalf of the company.

Icopal’s part of the building project

Icopal Denmark not only manufactured the membranes for this project, they also did the upstream planning, led by project manager, Mads Peter Staun from Icopal Entreprise, which also installed the products on the LEGO® House roofs.

Starting in May 2016 with the flat roofing works, about 30 % of the building shell was already set up. The most challenging part of the project was the management of the logistics processes. As the installation of the insulation boards had to be made on preheated bitumen membranes, a just-in-time delivery of the materials to ensure a continuous installation process was required. The crane to provide the material to the various roof spaces sometimes had to overcome a distance of 30 m. Which was the case for the “keystone”, the last central brick on top of the entire building.

About the LEGO® House

LEGO® House opened its doors on 28 September 2017 to a world of creative experiences. It has been built on the site of the former town hall right in the middle of the Danish city of Billund, where the famous LEGO® brick was invented.

Accommodating a lot of space for playing and learning around the small bricks, it spreads over four floors with a total roof space of 4,589 m2 composed of 21 flat roofs in the famous LEGO® brick colours.

The LEGO® house – designed by the famous Bjarke Ingels Group “BIG” - is built in the LEGO® brick dimensions, i.e. 1 × 2, 2 × 2, 2 × 4 – meaning that everything, including the measurements of the installed products, had to comply with these dimensions, from the concrete blocks, over the windows to the layout of the spaces and the roofs.

LEGO® House

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